Don't play the game, change it.

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Everyone starts at level one. We understand this and help determined entrepreneurs navigate through this early stage to the next level. With so many challenges and unknowns ahead, having a teammate who's got your back is critical to mission success.

Level One Fund is a growth stage venture fund based in New York City, and invests in companies across the globe that are reshaping static industries. We seek companies that break paradigms and challenge established systems when those systems become unable to keep up with the demands of the market.


Our fund is backed by legendary investor Bob Xu, the founder of ZhenFund and #11 on the 2019 Forbes Midas List. Throughout his career Bob has backed numerous multibillion dollar companies and supported a generation of founders who have shaped some of the world’s most valuable industries. His unparalleled success in venture and his eye for the future are significant assets to our team.

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