A view through the looking glass.

Don’t Play the Game, Change It

It’s in our nature to dream about what could be. Whether it’s a change in our own lives, our communities, our countries, or even our planet, we have a collective desire for a better future. That desire for progress materializes as movement: sometimes as just a single step forward, and other times as a quantum leap.

One of the most difficult barriers to any degree of change is comfort with the status quo, and it takes someone with a bold force of will to shatter old paradigms and create new ones. These old paradigms that make way for the future were once novel and daring themselves, and humanity’s practice of recycling the old and replacing it with the new is as old as we are.

Today we call these agents of change founders, and our mission is to support them when others don’t. When we say “don’t play the game, change it,” we pay homage to the self evident truth that we must do things differently in order to move forward.

Don't Play the Game, Change It

Our Values

  • Stability


    We are long term partners and look for companies we’ll continue to invest in long after our first check.

  • Trust


    We foster trusted relationships between ourselves and the founders we back.

  • Versatility


    We explore daring ideas no matter which industry they’re from.

Our Values

Investment Criteria

Early Stage

Early Stage

Our ideal entry point is when companies have their core product or service live and are generating repeatable traction. We invest across all sectors.

Standout Solution

Standout Solution

Offer a solution that clearly stands out from incumbents and competitors.

Defined Vision

Defined Vision

Have an unambiguous longterm vision and an adaptable plan to get there.

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