Our Team

Adam Chen


Adam enjoys looking into SaaS and web focused technologies. Before forming Level One Fund, he worked at venture capital firm Zhenfund and was involved in two startups in the early stages. Drawing from his experience working with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and investors, he enjoys seeing the promise and synthesis of teams working toward a singular goal.


In his spare time he enjoys drinking inordinate amounts of tea, programming buggy web apps, and gaming with his friends.

Charlie Chen


Charlie focuses on a broad array of sectors, and has a particular interest in gaming companies. After Yale he worked at ZhenFund’s Beijing office where he developed a passion for investing. He also founded an F&B startup in China geared towards businesses.


In his spare time, he pairs his love for the guitar with a healthy dose of gaming.

James Stewart


James focuses on investments in tech and consumer goods. Prior to founding Level One Fund James was a pioneer in China’s online English education market. He founded 51Talk’s North American business that sparked the trend of using western teachers to teach English online at massive scale. This market has since grown to become one of the globe’s most promising and impactful exemplars of how integrating tech into traditional businesses can unleash massive untapped value for consumers.


Outside of work James keeps himself busy by obsessing over healthy food, traveling far and wide, and keeping up with his lifelong fascination of literature.